I started coaching when I was 15.
A neighbor asked me for help.
I built and delegated my fat loss studio – @exclury.cz on Instagram
In 2024, I’m 30, and I focus on online coaching.

“Why try if I can’t keep a 6-pack year-round without suffering?”
I worked with 5 coaches.
Despite that, I yo-yo dieted many times.
I’ve been training 2x a day, 6 days a week, and eating strict.
I haven’t been getting stronger or bigger.
I had low self-esteem and considered quitting.
I hated my body and got depressed.

After years of tries and errors, I can keep 7-10% body fat year-round.
I started to use a long-term science approach.
I want to inspire you to get the physique you want without drugs.
And to help you fight against plateau and excuses.
But also worry and depression.

Look at your physique from the last year. Are you satisfied with the progress?
Can’t you keep the desired body fat year-round?
Want to have sustainable results in a record time?
Get more info. (link)
Stay strong!
Standa Paseka.