Premium Online Coaching

I have a waiting list before we can begin working together.

Look at your physique from the last year.

  • Are you satisfied with the progress?
  • Can’t you keep the desired body fat year-round?
  • Want to have sustainable results?

I adjust my programs based on your:

Goals: Our goals differ
1] A bodybuilder – to maximize muscle and strength,
2] A woman – to have a rounded booty and to look great in bikinis.
3] And a busy CEO – to keep a 6-pack year-round.
None of them should train or eat the same.

Level of progress: Advanced should not train and eat the same as novices. If they want the best results.

Life: A CEO has other goals, needs, limitations, and effort than a mother of 3. Or a bodybuilder.

Recovery: Sleep and stress define how well you recover. The faster you recover, the harder you can train. And the quicker you can progress.

Effort: Only some need to aim for 100% progress all the time. I’m sure I can get you lean. But let’s make your results sustainable. So, you stay lean even without me.

Sex and age: Women should train and eat other than men. The same works for your age.

And an estimation of your:
1] potential to grow muscles.
2] How well your body uses carbohydrates,
3] Your fiber profile of muscles. You’ll do what you were born to do and are best at.

Because I've been there.

I worked with 5 coaches.
I’ve been training 2x a day, 6 days a week, and eating strict.

  1. Even if I haven’t been getting stronger or bigger.
  2. Nor could I maintain a 6-pack for more than a few weeks.
  3. I yo-yo dieted many times.

I had no confidence.

I wanted to give up.

I hated my body and got depressed.

But I kept going.

What’s included?

All You Need To Unlock Your Best Physique!


  • A comprehensive, periodized, and autoregulated strength training program customized based on a set of test workouts,
  • Exercise technique explanation (text + videos),
  • Feedback on your technique videos,
  • Injury prevention strategies,
  • Training progress tracking.

Customized nutritional plan

    • Customized nutrition plan, including macronutrients, timing, ad libitum diet guidelines,
    • 1-min/day Physique Progress Tracking,
    • Recommended food choices for health and satiety,
    • Supplement and micronutrition guidance. (You save tons of money on supplements.)
    • A full meal plan, if desired.

Daily email response, 365 days/year
So we can adjust everything based on your:

  • Goals,
  • Results,
  • Needs,
  • And limitations.

Well-being and results-boosting system

  • Recovery tips (Sleep and stress optimization),

On Demand

Time-Saving Systems (On Demand)

  • Time-saving diet system
  • Time-saving grocery list
  • Time-saving warm-up & Workout system

Sustainability Hacks (On Demand)

  • Dealing with social pressure,
  • Eating out and travel tips for staying lean,
  • Hunger prevention system,
  • Stop cravings system,
  • No more yo-yo dieting system.
  • Illness management and prevention,
  • Science-Based Goal Setting Guide, and Long-Term Planning. So you know what we’re doing. And how it fits into your long-term goal.
  • Lifestyle advice (combining training and dieting with your career, travelling and family).

Is it for you?

It took me 7 years to break the plateau. (photo above)
(Overall 17 years of lifting)
I could do it in 4-5 years overall.
Do you want to save 12 years of your life?

Yes? You can apply below.

Do you want to

  • Suffer from years of trial and error,
  • Yo-yo dieting and hunger,
  • Plateau and waste time in the gym?

Or break

  • The plateau,
  • Get your physique to the next level,
  • And maintain low body fat year-round?

I made my choice.

Such as our male and female members did.

Will You Unlock Your Best Physique?

I can promise you only hard work.

But if you follow precisely my training, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations.
And still not progress after at least 30 days?
I’ll give you
all your money back.

About me

  • 17.5+ years of drug-free lifting
  • 15+ Years of coaching experience. Men’s stories, Women’s stories
  • Worked with 5 trainers. Even if I yo-yo dieted many times.
  • Henselmans PT Course – Graduated cum laude
  • Private fat loss studio owner
  • Creator of the Exclury system
  • The newest science-based approach
  • NCSF Certification
  • Ronnie Academy certification
  • Author of “Newborn For Him” and “Newborn For Her” books
  • Specialize in sustainable drug-free transformations in a record time.
What if I don’t have access to a gym?

I give you a substitution for each exercise.

Is this suitable for women?

Only for those who want to look sexy. The program is set according to your goals.

Is There a money-back guarantee?

If you follow precisely my training, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations.
And still not progress after at least 30 days?
I’ll give you 
all your money back.

How many days a week will I be in the gym?

3-7x. It depends on your effort, goals, and limits.  3x is the minimum. 7x is the maximum.

More questions?

Email us at:


Vlada, 66, “I regret that I hadn’t start earlier.”

Simon, 31 – Programmer

Exclury VIP Club Member, 47

Tonda, 45 – Europe Karate Vice Champion

Jirka, 47 – Director

Michal, 34 – Programmer

Lada, 45 – Entrepreneur

Bohdan, 34 – Years of Plateau Broken

Exclury VIP Club Member, 48

Exclury VIP Club Member, 42

Svetla, 63

Click on the photo.
See how Svetla (63) does 10 push-ups. Her record is 16.

Romana – Manager, 40

She came to me after 20 years of fat loss efforts.

Even if she had 6 nutritional experts and 2 fitness trainers.

Standa’s mother, 54 – Accountant

Click on the photo below.
See how she (54) got from 0 to 15 push-ups in 12 weeks.

Exclury VIP Club Member, 38

Years of Plateau Broken, 38

Click on the photo below.
Watch how she got from 0 to 5 weighted (5 kg (11 lbs) push-ups in 5 weeks.

Exclury VIP Club Member, 48

Vlada, 34

Entrepreneur, 50

Monika, 54

Bohunka, 50

Michaela, 31, Police Officer

Dominika, Dentist, 31

Exclury VIP Club Member, 43

Anna, 37, Accountant

Click on the photo below and watch how Anna does weighted push-ups.

Exclury VIP Club Member

Exclury VIP Club Member, 49

Exclury VIP Club Member, 57

Denisa, 28, Entrepreneur